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 Channelings und Berichte "News für Lichtbereiter"
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08.03.2023 10:30
Not and till the last a moment can't uncover cards in the hand Antworten

This even if ……
The Teng green mountain can't occupy to can at a stretch fight last a days and one nights.
But general Wu Zhe, will be lived to consume only inside the strength be and then killed!
"However after, I also ability just and upright of, occasionally use 20,000 catties of strength."Teng green mountain very clear, own huge dint is a cards in the hand, the previous incarnation is a cutthroat, let the Teng green mountain develop a habit-
Not and till the last a moment can't uncover cards in the hand.
Be loosen combat with Yue, the Teng green mountain also just uses ten thousand catties of energies.
But learned this 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 now, Teng green mountain the ability just and upright occasionally use 20,000 catties of energies, the other people ask a Teng green mountain why so strong, the Teng green mountain can say BE'Mang cow devote major efforts Jue'of cause.
Divide in evening.
"The elder brother of the Teng, Teng elder brother!"The hospital door outside rings out to shout a voice.
The Teng green tiger immediately runs to open the door.
", Little Zong Zhu, green miss."The Teng green tiger sees 2 people outside the door, surprise ground the face is all tiny to be suffused with red, immediately just respond to come over, connect a way, " come in quickly."
Various Ge cloud and various Ge green 2 brother and sister shoulder to shoulder walked to come in.
Various Ge cloud is as green as various Ge, all of 2 people are whole bodies white dress.
"It is little Zong Zhu and green miss."BE drinking alcohol alone, the another skill stirs up to fly the Teng green mountain of knife and connects to start accolade.
"Ha ha, call what little Zong Zhu, really not generous, the direct brothers fits together not better?Presumably, is the Teng elder brother still smaller than me."That little Zong Zhu'various Ge cloud'ha ha smile, he and all of Teng green mountains are really 16 years old, say to prohibit who larger.
"?I early spring the time be born of, little Zong Zhu?"The Teng green mountain counter-questions a way.
", Seeing to me must call Teng elder brother's an eldest brother."Various Ge cloud helpless way, " I is be born in summer, Teng eldest brother, younger brother I today and my younger sister together come, is invite you brothers is 2 people, go out to have a supper together, also reckon you to arrive at me to return a dollar religion to give a welcome party."
The various Ge of flank is green to say:"My elder brother wanted to invite green mountain eldest brother and green tiger eldest brother yesterday you, just the whole black A soldier celebrated yesterday, so, we just come today."
"Green mountain eldest brother, green tiger eldest brother, you can't not promise?"The various Ge is green to see toward 2 people.
Be been green on staring at by the various Ge, the Teng green tiger knew to nod for:"Go, certainly go, green mountain, you say a rightness?"
"Little Zong Zhu and green misses all come over in person, how do I dare not to go?"The Teng green mountain starts.
Run about at the river rather the medium avenue of county city up, that various Ge was green to put on veil.
"Have no idea, if my younger sister doesn't put on a veil and go where, all someone rounds a view."Various Ge cloud is helpless to say.
The Teng green mountain nods and sees this green miss for the first time, the Teng green mountain discovers that this green miss has a naturally cast a glamour, own cousin'Teng green tiger'is more foolish to live for the first time, certainly other many people of Wu Zhe are also drawn on.
Some woman's each and every moves, even in happy, cut up rough, all have inside of sex appeal.
Casting a glamour is sexy.
And this kind of imitate the Buddha fairy maiden comes down to earth a sort of purity, move people's heart, also similarly cast a glamour.
" Now, all many people come I return a dollar religion to come with a marriage proposal, want to marry my younger sister."Various Ge cloud depresses voice to say.
"Elder brother!"That green miss is getting more angered.
"Believing in the lord didn't promise?"Teng there is some anxious ways in the green tiger, various Ge cloud says with smile:"Certainly have no, be those guys qualified to come to marry my younger sister?My dad also say, my younger sister's marriage, must 2 younger sister and dads all agree, just settle to descend on the whole."
"It is like this good."The Teng green tiger nods.

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