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08.03.2023 10:26
Sufficient fart Antworten

Teng once the green tiger touch head, "iron head, did I just have never thought this, the 6 F is enough."
Sufficient fart!
The Teng green mountain heart bottom wry smile, before this 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 6 F, just own of'habit'give hang up to come up, with oneself blood vessels ground durable degree, until the operation method of 6 F, to blood vessels incitement just feel obviously.Still don't feel pressure just.
The body of the Teng green mountain monster sort, really too strong.
"This 《 Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》after all is the person class Mi book."The Teng green mountain watches fix attention on ex- this high big stone tablet, " engraves on the stone tablet and publicly shows black A soldier non-commissioned officer and starts to conceal tremendous empress 3 F of power, isn't strange either."
"Green mountain, don't you make copy?"The Teng green tiger doubt asks a way.
"Make copy stem what?Formula for incantation in"once the Teng green mountain say with smile, " looks over and then remembered."
"Look over and then remember?"Teng the green tiger is stunned speechless.
More than 2,000 words!Look over and then remember?
The Teng green mountain shakes head a to smile, oneself's self-discipline a time of, the operation ground circuit, method certainly remembers clear, and the self-discipline arrives 6 F, self-discipline the method that need to use 6 F doesn't need before using 5 F then of.
The Teng green mountain holds a transmigration of soul gun and stands in own courtyard.
Teng green mountain once the intention move, inside strength immediately according to 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 the formula for incantation of 6 F, from the pubic region inside break out, and then be divided into 5, wear to go in the middle of being strange through eight five blood vesselses in the veins, and then and quickly the better arm in Teng green mountain.
The transmigration of soul gun fiercely hits on the ground and produces a spirit of mightiness to explode a voice, the mud splashes and appeared a deeply big pit on the mire ground of courtyard.
The Teng green mountain watched big quagmire and peeped out one silk smiling face on the face:"That 《 Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》say attain 6 F right, power really ratio the 5 F want to be strong of many!I am this shot, 30,000 catties of about equal to of strength."
The Teng green mountain owns great power, he passes this inside the destructive power of strength, can judge this shot much more equal to strong strength.
"However, ordinary people's self-discipline arrives 6 F, the blood vessels should have no my tough and resilient, breadth, inside the strength break out dint, should be also weaker than me, estimate at 20,000 catties of or so."Teng green mountain although according to 《the Mang cow devotes major efforts Jue 》 6 F method break out inside the strength, can his blood vessels accept excessively inside strength, the power is also higher.
The power is big.
But ……
"Inside the strength consume too astonishing!Be like to use so crazily inside the strength, estimate to use 30 times, inside the strength consume light, even if with 6 F ground resumes speed and expend most at least a , all so as to resume inside strength, but the Teng green mountain presented smiling face.
He the heart bottom is very happy.
"Ha ha, and inside the strength compare, body strength hold out for long time the dint have to be much bigger!"The Teng green mountain is very thrilling.
"I now of inside strength already calculate more the Hun Be getting thicker, can use with all strength to use a transmigration of soul gun inside the strength, for 30 times flick a gun, inside strength consume light!If is general Wu Zhe, inside the strength consume light, etc. dead."
"But, the my body strength wants to be many arrogant, the double arm foot has 180,000 catties of huge dint!And, I double the arm is to once use ten several ten thousand catties of huge dint, are all not tired for a days!"The Teng green mountain discovered that the muscle strength compares to have an excellent place inside the strength strength.
That is to hold out for long time sex!

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