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16.03.2023 09:38
A time experiments, summary the reason of failure, continuously improve Antworten

But Teng green mountain of'absolute being'just responded inside the strength, the desire wanted to control turn-
Pebble ground crack!
"Not to, my absolute being a control, inside strength broke balance to explode to open."The Teng green mountain shakes head.Inside the strength, seem to be hedgehog the whole body is a sting, a touch reaction very vigorous.
The pebble physical volume is small, contain little inside the strength.
Controling should easily, if connect small pebble all beyond control turn, don't even say to use to fly knife.
A time experiments, these ring even in arouse green rain of younger sister and the cousin's attention, however drive Teng green mountain a words to beat to deliver.The Teng green mountain continues to sink to immerse in the research, how can let'absolute being'more skillful strength inside the control let by attaining the effect of the turn of pebble!
The Teng green mountain being gradual discovers, 'absolute being'not and till the last make a turn to just control inside strength.
But should, at inside strength just infused into pebble, 'absolute being' and inside strength contact up, at fly process in, absolute being effort of with'inside strength'melted to put together, you win have me, I win have you.Certainly, the pebble flies to just wink an effort, in brief time inside, let own of'absolute being'and'inside strength'fusion ascend some, the difficulty is the highest.
A time experiments, summary the reason of failure, continuously improve.
"Xiu!"It is a pebble project again.
When before arriving distance rockery, suddenly turn, once rowed an arc, hit a piece of rock of convex at the rockery up, Peng of a , ground spilt open.
Show a smiling face on the Teng green mountain face.
"Gloomy one knife flies knife to crack open by explosion, although have suddenly sex, flying of ground crack knife, the power certainly also descends.But this flies a knife turn, the power didn't descend.Now, "Teng green mountain the heart is pleased, "'s absolute being and inside strength of agree with , I control a ground of much better!Be so like teacher certainly, let the true dollar of inborn round body 2 turns fly once inside body again, the difficulty is too high."
There is progress, the Teng green mountain is then very happy.
Only this flies a knife incomparable skill, the Teng green mountain has already had confidence to kill to be like'department Ma Qing'that kind of weak inborn superior.
"Hum, general inborn strong, want to use to infuse inside the strength go into fly knife ……with generally fly a knife material, infuse go into too many inside strength, fear to all want to burst!"The Teng green mountain really knows this, the weapon bears of inside strength is limited, this why also the absolute being soldier's sharp weapon so precious cause.
But the Teng green mountain throw to fly knife different.
His strength not infuses to go into fly knife inner part, just some inside strength get into inner part, but the body strength is a function at fly knife exterior.
Seem to throw pebble, the pebble runs into object to burst, even if 100,000 catties of spirits throw a pebble.However, can break out 100,000 catties of dint of'inside strength'infuse into pebble, the pebble perhaps hasn't flown to go out, the inner part burst to open and changed into powder.
"This is a great advantage of the body strength!"Teng green mountain dark way.

Chapter 03 big palace on
Be apart from September 21, there are also some days.
Is these days of, the Teng green mountain practices three body types daytime morning and realizes artistic conception.The desire wants to create five lines of fourths of marksmanships to recruit marksmanship.But afternoon, Teng green mountain then cultivation 《tiger form magical power 》 , after eating black fire to work properly a root, along with the self-discipline, the strength, sight of the Teng green mountain, listenned to dint all be slowly promoting.
In the evening, then the research flies a knife incomparable skill.
Certainly times, such as lunch and supper...etc., is also drink to talk to smile with the brotherses of black A soldier.In fact and not only list Teng green mountain one person is assiduous, the person of great majority inside the black A soldier is all very assiduous, can stay in the black A soldier after sieving of, lazy still very few.

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