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04.10.2022 05:20
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The autumn of the leaf is ruminating in mind foolish meeting son how he or she is with many deceits are little.Snake king and snake the female all give round and round surround then a nest son hurtle to polish off their good matters.It is at present the business of the occurrence to make him dumbstruck.
Sees come out one big cluster of person from the dark mountain lodge.Is a snake for the head king.The behind is that to meet once in New York.Have been beating Long Nyu the idea dark night fork Aladdin.After death still follow a flock of man who uses a plain white cloth pack head.The autumn of the leaf sees not pure their faces.However can guess.Should be the Di promise of Chris to lift through a night fork clan 12 absolute being will.
1234-~leaf the autumn counted number.Then the face cried.
Mama expect son.Lao Tze was surrounded.
"The autumn of the leaf.We saw again."Snake Wang Ta's Miller's facial expression mildly says.Wear white full-length gown.Wear Gao Gao's plain white cloth hat.It is a very not- essential big silver wreath on the nose.Tower Miller doesn't pay attention to the clothes that the still being dressed in of the hygiene once wore while meeting last time very much.
The leaf autumn Pie wears finger count number.A day and two days and three days and four days-a lot of sky of.No wonder that the somebody else say that the Indian doesn't pay attention to hygiene.You see their upper level person of this nation so and change a clothes for none of several days.The common people being other which return of?Is all doing not wash during a lifetime afraid?
"She is a snake female?"The autumn of the leaf points at the monster of in front to ask a way.This was the biggest question in his heart.The woman being clearly killed by oneself.Why to vivaciously come out in the in front again?
"Yes.Recognize not to come out?"Snake 1| king Be cheerless to smile.
"Why didn't she die?"The autumn of the leaf sinks a voice to ask a way.The son in the belly is all afraid regrets Be getting greener.Early know words like this.She to mow of the lifting of a cake of returned to earthquake master son in door to steep wine to drink to the west.
He doesn't believe.Give° this monster to dismember.He can also think a way to give° her darnin don't become very much.
"Why will she die?You China isn't the person the byword with"beat snake to beat 7 inches"?Don't you understand this truth?"Miller of the tower an all speak proudly a way.
Yes.The snake female really didn't die.If can find out her dead cave.And make her keep the words of body integrity again.Oneself has a way her to save to live.This is snake Wang Yi Zu's secret.Don't inherit not to spread.
"That again how?Greatly not re- kill a."The autumn of the leaf saw one eye snake female.Disdain to very much of say:"Defeated opponent.My at enmity with you beat."
Stretch out a finger to point snake again king to say:"Once there was an elder generation to once say to me.Meet the snake what king beat to win and run.The dozen doesn't win to even want to run.Last time didn't exchange blows.I always the heart save a regret.This time.Let's fight 300 rounds.I want you to challenge.Do you dare to accept?"
The autumn of the leaf this wretchedness kid is also be compelled of have no way.He goes to a list and picks a snake king on his own initiative.Always drive oneself drive somebody else a group of persons to pick strong?
Wang Ta Miller of snake is wrinkly to knit the brows.The big silver wreath on the nose also follows a rock.The challenge that is about to accept a leaf for autumn.Unexpectedly the night fork king behind talked.
The clothing is gorgeous.The handsome handsome boy wearing a cloth hat Latin was rare to see one eye leaf autumn.Say:"Miller of the tower.We have no time to delay with him.That woman is very quick and then will rush through to come over.
Everyone together last.Give° him me to take.The renew of one clan.All fasten a this person body up."
The snake king nods to promise.He after death of 12 absolute beings Be breathed to take side to the leaf autumn.
"Teacher.Teacher."The voice of leaf's tiger spread to come over.
After death spread abuzz footfall.Luo thousand soldiers they finally leave according to the leaf autumn of the signal made track for to come over.
Leaf's tiger greatly treads to run to the leaf autumn in front, the misgiving ground asks a way:"Teacher, you are all right?"
Don't treat a leaf to answer for autumn, he points at the man of front ground those strange costumes to ask a way again:"What person are all of them ?Wear a ground of strange of, with shoot a movie."

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