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04.10.2022 05:13
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"We see on the scene."The autumn of the leaf says if not because the snake female is dead on his hand.All doubt that the person that explore news is her.This chemisette speed is really too terrible.And the body figure is again uncanny if is her.The silver Li makes track for not up can also comprehend.
A group of people comes out a mansion.Arrive villa back yard.Here is a rockery and two row low short tropical plant.The left side still has an outdoor swimming pool.It is whole to backyard see at a glance.Suit to hide a body really not too.
" Where."The silver Li points at corner of wall to say.
The autumn of the leaf walks over there.From the leaf's tiger hand in answer-tube.Then slowly look for in the corner of wall.
Indeed as expected no one's step trace.However discovering of leaf autumn elaboration.Have the leaf the new scar that is trampled to break.
The leaf once turned round autumn to say:"See.We have already been had eyes fixed on.Everyone's safe demand is careful.Thousand soldiers.You one turn on duty form.2 people's 1 set.Execute duty in this villa for 24 hours."
"Go."-Thousand soldiers nod to promise.
The persons all ran.Stay again to also have no meaning here.The autumn of the leaf gave repeated advice to again some kind of make everyone must notice a safety.Don't go out to avoid pursuing for person alone
Opportunity.Work well safe measure.This just takes leave with house.
The villa doorway can't have a rent car to take.This way rent car driver can't come in as well.
The autumn of the leaf along the highway of the seaside goes straight up.The street corner that only walks to the front's walking just can return to deep water gulf by bus the third.Just and in mind cut and polish a meeting is which road of the person come to apartment to go fishing.A dark shadow suddenly from the Jiao wood of wayside in wore out.Keep of hurtled to come over to the leaf.
The leaf's autumn body is one side.Averted from dark shadow relentless attack.Wait until he unexpectedly ended up in nothing to grasp while stretching hand the wrist of buttonning up the dark shadow of just together cripple shadow.The dark shadow has already generally flies to run to the sea beach edged.It is general to is like dark the phantom at the mid-night
The leaf autumn at heart greatly even grows suddenly but goes to of fear feeling.
Was she clearly killed by she how to appear at a time?
Or say that the female of snake not only only has one snake female?
Of.Although today night's moonlight doesn't calculate brightness is leaf autumn but see realistically.It is exactly the snake female who has already been killed by him to is blunt to come over the person of raid.
No matter is such.The autumn of the leaf's also wanting to investigate to be pure to arrive is what is the row a son.
Simultaneously using spy is special-of leaf's tiger they contact.Let them hurriedly come over a support.Simultaneously take to the heels snake the female escapes of the direction made track for to pass by.The female's sneak attack basically has dint of attack.She seem just especially the idea jump out to lead she to a square similar.
The autumn of the leaf wishes.Call out own persons all.Even if met snake king.Canning also put together with them is some kind of.
Front of the thin mean person shadow run quickly.No matter is what kind of of form.Can not influence his speed.That colorful snake skin is in the dark night just a dark shadow.Can.But let people's skin of head become numb.All all over have the whole body chicken skin pimple.Dark shadow along the sandy beach runs about wildly.The autumn of the leaf also tailgates all the way.Until run to flank in an unknown knoll.Just stopped down.
The dark shadow once turns round.The as triangle small as a cobra eye is gloomy malicious to hotly looking at a leaf of autumn.Draw full snake cloth on the body.Even the face ascends also is all tattoo.See toward the look in the eyes in leaf autumn be full of old grudge.Be like have what ineradicable hatred."You are a snake female?"The autumn of the leaf sinks a voice to ask a way.Simultaneously conjecture to fix attention on monster.Simultaneously scan with the canthus on all sides.
She takes she to arrive at this of square.Affirmation is to have ambush of.The leaf autumn in the mind computes Luo thousand soldiers they rush through of time.Wish.Oneself again not help.Can also prop up them to come over.
Plus oneself.The square totally has fierce 13ses will.The enemy only has 2 people.This time.All anyway want to make use of a number a top advantage to leave the king of snake.At least.Can not put again to run this snake female.

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