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04.10.2022 05:08
the leaf asks a way Antworten

Let the leaf worries for autumn of is a snake to organize.This is really an opponent that lets people's headache.Their organization the personnel concealed too deeply.Again have strictly even very ruthlessness regulation system.Even if the fee soared them to catch Chen Jian Zhou and Chu Chu in the Yan city.Also still have no of arrive what useful information.
And the small white fight some kind of and can take off of rare superior.Call the mysterious woman of iron telephone of Anne.Although the small white has been being investigating these two people's whereaboutses.But keep now still have no still result.
Proceed from the man's seventh.Ye Qiu feels that they carry on a very big scheme.And.What this scheme launches isn't in the city.It is in Hong Kong.
Don't let the driver send to villa doorway.He then got off at the door.Then on foot walk to the villa.The cool breeze of night blows face.That is changed matchlessly to wide awake a while by the brains of wine anaesthesia.
Leaf's tiger early waits at the door.Don't treat a leaf to press the door bell for autumn.He he from in drew back front door wear mouth to smile to the leaf autumn.Way:"Teacher did you come?"
"So urgently urge me to come over.What matter son?"The autumn of the leaf simultaneously says.Part to in walk-thousand soldier silver the Li still had other violet squads to also all face.
Ye Qiu gives an account the image of the silver Li change violet squad member of team.Soldier's qualities that doesn't want to let them highlights.The silver Li has already completed this task to choose the western dress in three kinds of different colors for nine members of violet squad.31 set.Match white underclothing.Color grain tie a 's looking to pour is like a professional bodyguard personnel.
"Teacher we go in."Leaf's tiger pointed to point an inside.Say an outside to there are also other villa staff members.Those contentses of theirs exposed to influence not good.
"Call captain."The autumn of the leaf says.This guy always takes the work to private feelings in let leaf for autumn cry and smile not.Provided some times still don't change of meaning.
"Hey Hey."Leaf's tiger smiled to smile.But have no voice.The teacher is a teacher is on the first a teacher.It is life long a father.Be not so easily can more of.
Leaf's tiger and iron cow have 1:00 it place.Be recognize a dead reason.They hold of thing.No matter how you rectify.Also the change doesn't come over.
Like iron cow has been considering as"loach elder brother" in his heart to the leaf autumn.The autumn of the leaf hated a pole this nickname.All revealed mouth skin son.He also has no to correct the mistakes.End still leaf the autumn gave up by himself/herself.Let it take its own course.
The small board room that provide specially in the villa in.A group of persons round to sit on the table both sides.Leaf's tiger saw one eye silver Li.Say:"The piece matter is what the senior clerk of silver Li discovers first.Or is made collective report a way to the captain by her."
The silver Li changed the occupation suit of set ivory.Circle the silvery velour underclothing for getting.The cloth is smooth shining.The chest is full.The noodles permits Yong charmingly feminine.Returns on the bridge a glasses of purple frame.An office OL.
The silver Li dismantles glasses to come on the table.|Wear a leaf to say for autumn:"Our task is to individual remarkable talent carry on following.Although three groups all the ability is according to scheduling to plan to approach a target.But didn't take today of arrive what achievement.Unexpectedly of BE.Just while standing to be on the third floor I.See there is a dark shadow slipping away to come in.Be like come to explore the way son.I rush out to make track for him.The speed of the regrettable other party is really too quick.Distance again some far.Wait from while jumping down down stairs.He has already lost shadow.""You are to say for a sky, field personage on your own initiative seek last we?"The autumn of the leaf pensively asks a way.Although guess to have this kind of may have never thought them of the action is so quick.
"Yes.Very probably.I is still quite good from the Xu speed.It is also some time that jumped down to come from the third floors.Can the other party run without a trace."|The Li points at a crazy dog.Say:"Crazy dog this on the trail of expert also checked to once seek.The trace that didn't find out any someone to lead.But I clearly see have dark shadow in the back yard activity."
"Have the feature that see the dark shadow?What special characteristic?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.

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