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04.10.2022 05:30
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"The snake king of great reputation but become the other people's slave, spread to really let the world hero sneer at.Since words like this, also call what'king'?Make the snake Nu isn't better?"The autumn of the leaf looking at a snake king, cold say with a smile.
He is to want to intentionally incense a snake king, let him disobey the order that Latin hopes to accept his own challenge.If he shamelesses of and snake if the female ascend together, the leaf autumn still really fears that he or she cans not stand.
And, now, leaf autumn's Latin is rare to still respect very much to towers Miller's attitude.Don't completely consider as his slave to order.So, this also proves oneself not is have no opportunity provocation success.
"The autumn of the leaf, like what you expected.I would like to accept your challenge.Just, I think, our combats will end very quick."Snake Wang Ta Mi's joy will tie up on his neck and also ever and anon toward a leaf to vomit snake Xin for autumn ground the white snake pull down and throw to station at part view war of snake female.Then dismantle to mourn with the red rope from the belt where of a bamboo whistle, by hand in the whistle body on putting on, then put at mouth side.
The autumn of the leaf a
Action, know to want mess.
The body flew to soon rush toward to come over to the king of snake and prepared to obstruct his action.
Unfortunately, already late.
'Blare'of the voice spread to come over, leaf autumn felt once the head sink, almost a fall down on the ground with head.
The head is suddenly pounded generally by the heavy Zhong, dizzy deeply suffered.The arms and legs is weak to have no dint, even connect rush of strength all have no.
And don't aware of self of, the leaf autumn rushes of the speed also slowed down down.Even the common run of people are all not equal to.
Requiem, can make the most ruthlessly oppressive the snake moving so much in a twinkling sleep well.If the intentional Ning voice makes orotund dynasty list object or direction go to of words, the effect will be stronger.
This is each generation snake king, yoga to practice moral teachings or the sage control of one of the Mi Jis, make contact with extremely learning of the essential to have with snake.
It is different in approach but equally good wonderful, but compares a snake dance an usage to get up with snake dance iner brief direct, the offensiveness is also stronger.
The snake dance is to use vivid body action to come to close to opponent to carry on an attack, but the requiem is to can be long-distance to leave an attack, only depend voice can kill people.
See the attack show results, peep out Ji Feng on the tower Miller's face of smile an idea.
"Over-confident of guy, artistic skill like this unexpectedly crazy idea to challenge himself/herself.It is really recklessly and blindly do."
The action seeing a leaf for autumn is more and more slow, plays orotund rhythm to speed along with oneself, he has already can'ted be forward one-step.Just hands Wu wear head painfully moan yell, the snake king knows that he or she has already obtained victory.
"Opponent like this really makes people have some disappointment.Don't know what that woman likes him as well?One is common of China human race, the blood relationship is thus of lowly.If she and so of man joys good, the body of nine yins that will waste her pure and unadulterated."Latin is rare to shake to shake head to say.
"She, must be mine."Latin hopes another time to determine his/her own conviction.Make a noise to remind a way:"Miller of the tower don't kill him.I have to be live."
Latin is rare good to Long Nyu, most of still good arrive the body of her nine yins.But that chemisette artistic skill is really to deeply can not measure, and again is second inheritting of the orchid Di Si gold blood especially all day long heel she together, he thinks to be strong of words, hope to is very and elusive.
Fore with meticulous care plan the next sneak attack at a time for two days failure also after, he then beats the idea to the body in leaf autumn up.
He knows that Long Nyu thinks greatly of this China boy very much, if captures him, uses the body of nine yins that he exchanges Long Nyu.She should agree?
So, this is also the eyes ground that they seek a leaf autumn tonight.
They need one personal quality, can exchange the hostage of the body of nine yins with Long Nyu.
Ye Qiu feels head be like will drive use Zhong son to force open generally, the ache of awl heart makes him lose all protection consciousness.
He is like a cake of in the ocean to float Ping, free to beating of sea water to drift along, but didn't resist of left over strength.
Just arouse leaf's tiger of war to see circumstances like this with opponent, surprisedly the eyes Zi exerts crack and makes a noise a roars way:"Teacher.Teacher.Carefully."

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