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Liao learns a soldier from now on to don't run into that girl any further and before long lived more and more what a mess, gave up a habit of keeping diary, also gradual is thin that girl to forget.
Liao learns a soldier to hardly show feelings of the heart reality, extremely mild writing in the diary's imitating a Buddha is just a to unimportantly come and go cloud and mist, but is exactly that light writing,write he at that time to that girl if have if have no I Qing Mu, was like Smith's madam who just got off the airplane to have no one to turn to acquire old Liao's help, exactly bore firmly in mind similar for three years, at that time of he could say to is more hard-pressed, suddenly a beautiful girl whom vegetable doesn't acquaint with to his help, heart of appreciate can not speech, concrete that girl why help him, early can not remember clearly.
"Su ice cloud is a so kind girl, have never thought in those early years I still once liked her, so good girl ten thousand can not let Mo the Tai always frivoled."Close book of diary, lock good drawer, read diary to sink to immerse to come and go of imperceptibly led for two hours among the memory, such as frost exhausted very, but always station beside, the main hall is provided for table to be online joss-stick has Ran exert, Liao learned a soldier to take Huang Bu Bao parents the portrait come out a door in the bosom.
"You seal all of here to save."Liao learns a soldier order attendant to handle affairs.
The young people in love is the deep-rooted, things of the past 11 Dous have second thoughts a head, old Liao unexpectedly feels that the female teacher of that proud beauty is so lovely, the each and every moves all send forth astonishing magic power and slowly remember at this time, the inhospitality that feels at the beginning to her too should not.
Not, I can't let Mo the Tai always get yours.
The hotel in the town put a few feasts, what to please was an old the neighbor of the previously and bosom friend good friend.
2,000 car brigades for taking part in a funeral procession have already all returned to medium sea, the pears at this time spend big way to remain everywhere firecrackers scraps of paper and paper money, the aftershock didn't fade away, the pear spent a town on sending desolate spirit and endured the residents' sum hands of oppression to congratulate, committing crime the ground is unavoidably agitated can not all day long.Don't know when, east street in the door outside lined up many people, there are old little men and women, wait for Liao learning a soldier to finish seeing the old house see him a see.
Many old men all learn a soldier to hand over a people Kua to Liao great, say he before how show filial obedience reasonable, respected an old man.Flank ground the numerous young men personally witness the legend that the top takes place tonight, the most interested in this person, all inquire him in succession one-time story, that ox cart old man's drinking a few wine has never arrived Liao to learn a soldier to have a little stifling, also run to east street in the door came.
"You this helping a small doll don't understand him is who?Tell you.He lived that old house in the back alley before in, is the old house of that nobody, the study result could like, united classmate, respect teacher, take pleasure in help others ……"the ox cart old man exerted into old Liao the face to gild.
Thou to then have the tradition of "is Hui", Liao learns a soldier to return home in triumph native district and also did such an important event, discrepancy with many attendants crowding round, how much also calculate top BE, the ox cart old man then chases him previously of those malice harm person, fight the bad matter of Dou in Europe to all conceal.
One dry young people tiny some disappointment, thinking will hear his important event of red-blooded river's lake, have never thought old man but describe with a delicate touch but lead, there is individual asking a way:"That I hear that the left hand of belly pigskin's seeking to point is cut down by him of, is that what is the row?"
The ox cart old man smiles to say:"Which have.Elder brother Bing is a cultured person, most likely is someone to plant Zang frame-up.Intentionally Wu Mie his fame."
Another middle age says:"Old cow head!You don't want to talk nonsense, that matter I personally see, Liao learns soldier pleasure gratitude and revenge and has no you to say so weak in characterly."
Is young people to ask a way in succession:"Wang Da Dun Shu was quick to say with us, is the hand of tripe skin how to be chopped down?"
"Want to come to also have more than ten years, at that time does Liao learn a soldier to still read a senior high school, the age is young, but who also dare not offend him, that day I spend in the pear the facing the sun grocery store help of big way repairs glass window, Liu Jia Xiang's widow Cui also buys to adjust to anticipate in the grocery store, tripe skin that bludger take two people come in, he Niang ground, the tripe skin was pretty too horizontal,

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