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25.10.2021 07:02
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See a few student associations how treat Du yarn wild goose, lightly walk over there, hide after parasol tree.
The Du yarn wild goose is deeply uneasy, make an effort to flick to open their hand to say:"Please put respect to order, otherwise I am calling public security."
"The public security is very far patroling, leave here, call and make the nobody also manage you." Can meeting your book courage finish saying this sentence, or so four see, sure of surrounding true nobody after, let go of heart, and then say with smile:"Anyway and suddenly and violently the tooth did so many bad matters, your aring his girl friend isn't right.It is what a suck to be subjected to punishment."
A Duo leads her hand to wrap, the small change coin, small mirror of inside comes out for, disguise box, key string and book, notebook and eye drops all fallening off.The Du yarn wild goose exclaims a way:"Feed, you exactly want to do what, in still have very important data, quickly wrap and return to me."
Can however open to wrap another side zipper, turn over a document that needs to print, is the notice that punishes student's list, there is up also can however several people's name.Punish reason:The behavior doesn't carry and steals a female classmate to go to toilet and belong to a graveness to disobey Ji's behavior.
He annoys tore notice right away smash, on the ground, Sa's Nu way:"You, you give support to a tyrant!"Come forward the arm of pulling the Du yarn wild goose, the Du yarn wild goose tries very hard to resist and tussle the sudden Si in the process pull all of a sudden before the coat Niu to button up, peep out to hide at in of pale red color milk cover lace side.
The Du wild goose quickly embraces a chest and hereafter backed half to tread, the abashed Nu is matchless, can however eyes kept, "Du, Ms. Du, suddenly and violently tooth yellow that guy is a shameless lout, your doing his girl friend is absolutely fresh flowers to put on the cow muck.Isn't equal to ……"fierce rushed toward up, embraced Du yarn of wild goose, be placed in a puberty boy to overcome dint weak thin, nothing important perseverance, can not stand incitement most , easily excite, the data member scream of innocent wretchedness gets up, in the voice, sting break Lin Yin Dao of quite.
Boy's favour that calls what source says:"Feed, , we originally not is say that frightenning her so much is all right, feeds, you how can so.Play rascal to also want to serve prison term!"
Will return to overdo Nu to drink a way:"Shut up!At most I finish having fun to make you have fun for a while like, bothersome what.Do you think that you are a justice emissary?"
Du yarn wild goose year the square is 25 years old.Calculating up youth Jing is beautiful, also the schoolboys idea Yin one of the objects, can however originally is a sex maniac a , otherwise and how can steal ladies room, come in contact with her ground powder delicate skin, the brains has fever, flame of sexual desire psychological attack, no longer consider what result.
The this guy of He Yuan Jian is such to excite, beginning frightened, and then the facial expression that sees Du yarn wild goose is weak helpless, suddenly but however have the heart of a righteous anger to spare no effort to draw back can however, push over him on the ground.
Can however a bone Lu start to climb, the Nu delivers crazy, tore with the classmate in normal times to beat, also have a stand with party beside don't know should help who, quickly come forward to advise.
Can however after suddenly feeling neck acute pain, seem quilt what the specially emollient thing clipped tightly, the neck ground muscle, artery and Jin are subjected to oppression, the ache is very huge, send forth arms and legs 100 Hais, whole body tired, involuntarily loosen to open to twist what the hand of source, the in the mind eldest brother is a question, He Yuan's left hand holds tight oneself's arm, the right hand clenches collar of dress, oneself so encountered what person attackstone?
Can however neck a tight, that huge dint offsetted the Earth gravity, the whole body hanged empty in the half, the toe leaves the ground half Chinese foot enough to spare, head blood not Chang, dyspnea, the hands are confused to brandish, difficultly call say:"Feed …… feed …… put me down ……"
He Yuan with another together the party retreat and call a way at the same time:"Teacher Liao!"
Assaulting can however of the person go without saying, positive Liao learns a soldier, lift in hand of the Yin stick layer after layer bottom, if the complexion covers strict frost:"Small age even didn't the hairs grow together and dared to also play rascal?"
Can however the ground one mouthful phlegm swallow a half and kneel on the ground and support skill petting throat all alone, violent a cough, the tears nasal discharge flowed a big string of.
The Du yarn wild goose is seen the reinforcements make moves the town live a bad person, just recovered from shock, the Fu body is ten articles for fallening off,

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