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25.10.2021 06:59
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The cheapness always needs to have to have of, embrace Mu to permit ice rain, the palm clime to of she of chest, the Yin says with smile:"Is already all your boyfriend, so take a look a milk line nothing important relation?"
"Ah, your this person, bad die!"The Mu permits ice rain one dessert manage preparation to all have no, Zhang Huang Di springs up, at a loss what to do, lead a short while just say:"That I returned to first, you nevered make track for an another female kid, I hereafter will look after a daughter for you, you see her so thin, much pitiful, I will definitely keep her the white white is fat."
Huge pleased heart of Chong Ying, unwilling to part turn head hope some times just ascend a for-rent car.
Liao learned a soldier to order a smoke, "mama of, unexpectatively I also had girl friend, having left Su since today ice cloud is a little bit far, that woman is really severe and almost bilk me small and weak mind, also want to return to old house to take book of diary to be tried to please to her, be really funny."
Sit snow Buddha orchid, forward and slowly drive, turn into a circle lake road, through the tulip front of senior high school of road segment, Lin Yin Dao's dusky light reflects now several personal shadow.
"So late still have who don't go home?Is it the petty thief that want to steal wealth and properties in the school?"Old Liao turns a steer device plan to see caught a petty thief to also have a great achievement on the whole actually, can also get a board of directors of give award to, so if hereafter make what wrong matter contribution and mistake mutually arrive, be unlikely be dismissed.
Road branch in the lake goes in from the circle of long long Lin Yin Dao, because scenery good, again under the street lamp that outside of school often is a student to concentrate one of the secret rendezvous grounds in the lovers, weakness is a person bearer to be easily discovered by other classmates, advantage is a till evening for the nobody, at dim moonlight meet with lover, daytime of what blemishes can cover up, even need not disguise, have a liking for to is all beauty a handsome boy.
Three males round a female.Four people are basic to all know, male of is a few grade three specially very naughty students, usually pull to help the knot parties the disturbance to cause trouble, ever because extort classmate's wanting money still be punished, an among those were through every Monday star, being the data member of the school of female young lady Du Sha Yan, she with grade three teach physical teacher Huang is a rightness of lovers.
Three boys seem some do with malice, Du yarn wild goose several times 3 want to walk, be all pulled by them to stop a pack, and is hard to get away, this among them seem have a little peculiar, Lin Yin Dao's top in addition to quietly the leaf of downfall, empty of again have no other people, Wei room in the door of front door in the end school has already put out the light.
"Rob?The student is really enough bold, unexpectedly dare start to staff member in the school, if I choose the rich old woman of another street, Ms. Du is a data member the nothing important illegitimate profit can get as well, don't go, must stop this to help stupid goods."
Liao learns the soldier parks the car in the street corner and lends tree shadow and garbage box, the covering up of tree trunk silently walked to pass by.
"Ms. Du!Suddenly and violently tooth Huang does of the bad matter want retribution on you at present, strange blame him can't be a person, hum!"Is a nameding can meeting of boy's evil spirit Be bad to very say, just he that still slightly takes a childish face how can't make people fear, either.
Nervously the Du yarn wild goose handle knob pack embraces into a bosom:"What has teacher Huang already done?"You go to ladies room and peep, is held tight by him, wrong is you, should admit own mistake in time, turn over a new leaf, is still a good student hereafter."
Will be burning with anger and call a way:"That animals teacher, we 500 pieces say not to tell other people!But chase affair Tong to school again afterwards, make the person all without exception know, is Chiu big strange all more open and aboveboard than him, so, Hey Hey, Ms. Du, since suddenly and violently the tooth disobey commitment, we want to take back on you."
If at ordinary times, Liao learns a soldier to directly hurtle up a palm slap to turn over to breathe heavily bowel son again blowout, start to staff member in the school, isn't a good student, give vent to anger to the enemy's girl friend, isn't a good bludger, the personal character is mean.
However he just once experienced moistenning of love at this time, the heart was full of sweet, and listen to they have a conversation, that teacher Huang also too not tunnel, since have already got hold of money, also want to publicize the student's scandal to the school to understand, have no reputation, have no morals,

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