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"Just that the colleague relates to and don't you ever think slanting, just knew for several days."Old Liao quickly sets aside and Su any relation of ice cloud, mama of, is fought too much, before often the egotism was still a feeling saint, in the end didn't just not lead air opinion.
The guest of skating rink is a lot of, particularly is the children accompanied by parents' ground to have lots of fun, the Mu permits ice rain suddenly and thinks of to lead to the his words:"If you really miss a cousin red become rare big star, had better don't publicly appear together and keep mysterious feeling with him now, the appetite of transfer public, stimulate them possibly."This words Mu she deeply agrees, the person who skate is too many, recognized very easily, want to still keep calculating, said to old Liao:"We seek a place of calmness to sit for a while not very good?"
Basically each talk to all use to up consult of tone, be like a lovely pleasant kid sister, old Liao's ground big man's sense of pride is very easily satisfied, have never thought other:"That good, go to the Vinaceous Rosefinch bridge of Vinaceous Rosefinch street park."Anyway he can't skate, either, while studying have no money and the classmates go to natural and unrestrained, step on after the society skating rink just for collecting a protection fee, which have idea to play that thing.
Chat in the park, the nothing important person bothers, the Vinaceous Rosefinch bridge is that motley moss and nick, and complicated carving, the big banyan of dish stick wrong stanza, pitch dark fish pond, ice-cold stone Deng, often send out 12 blare to call of return a nest crow, imitate the utopia that Buddha isolates with a life time.
The Mu permits ice rain to pull him and holds the heavy hand of that warmth and scrutinizes the facial lines of his Ping-ho, in the night view flickering and shiny eyes, the like pure spring flows through a heart, seldom quite, seem to leave satge ground hullabaloo, spotlight of superficial particularly of far, the cousin is really miraculous[one] person ……
2 people neither is a conference nor is a negotiation, each other the common topic really lack very, but the Mu permits ice rain milli- inattentive, to the utmost state to live a ground of trifles to him, the interesting news record record, that fan does what behavior make her specially touched, don't dislike as well bothersome, even connect childhood because have no money buy a book but sad quite a few world pathetic childhoods all 11 tell, considers as old Liao's a dependable object that can confide to worry.
Liao learns the soldier's life to experience to permit ice rain than the Mu at least many decuples, listen to these see boring of things of the past, unexpectedly feel unusually warm and fragrant, don't enter to plus some viewses that enrich philosophy very much, let the other party greatly for praise highly.
"Liao learns a soldier, we come to rehearse tomorrow's drama how?"
", How also rehearse, I feel that we have already done enough goodly of, directly develop when the time comes, can't influence Sun Dao."
The Mu permitted ice rain to smile to smile:"Simpleton, I am to say that I want to do for a while …… kiss that act drama ……" says to embrace old Liao's head neck, the lips gathered together past, the fairy dedicates to kiss on one's own initiative, that very key.
Didn't take the time of teacher for a bubble not to arrive the girl's pitiful insect, after being a teacher, the beauty Fen steps but goes to, the world is too marvellous.
The clouds covers moon, the autumn insect stops blaring to sing, the tree hat no longer sways, the night breeze stops blowing to kiss, and time imitates a Buddha to stay around this a moment.
"Liao learns a soldier, I want to be your girl friend, can?"The Mu permits ice rain Yang face to see him.
"Good."Liao learns a soldier just thinking take advantage of an opportunity to put forward with the improper request that she goes to bed, but the telephone bell ring rang, is a daintiness of 《 to Alice 》, greatly and very scenery, Mu's permitting ice rain thousand times doesn't wish to take out a cellular phone to answer:"Elder sister Yan , I am very busy, occupy can tomorrow say again?"
"Ice rain begged you, I had a very important matter."Broker Xu Yan takes a silk to cry a chamber to say:"Be inconvenient to say in telephone, you go home quickly I with your company measure company to measure good?"
Although is very interrogative, also very unwilling, chaperonage oneself grow up of broker all this pair shape, the Mu permits ice rain also ashamed brush-off, anyway learn the soldier's day with Liao from now on still grow, the apology ground hoped at present man's one eye, the low voice says:"Elder sister Yan ignores what matter, you don't be too excited, and I return to right away."

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