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21.10.2021 09:25
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Pan's sea became to also equally humiliate nouveau riche this morning, two simpletons fought, the Mu permits blue fell to forbid them to cause trouble.However Pan's sea becomes very overbearing, we are good-looking, receive a soldier very angry, Tong he was pulled.Pan's sea become endured spirit at that time, the time that release from school quickly in the afternoon suddenly called to a group of persons, prepared to tidy up each unpleasant to look at classmate."
"."Old Liao is light should a , this is that there is a ground of Wei in each school force, the peace is getting thinner, touch a curio telephone stiring small white to the leaf:"Notify all persons in circle lake road, arrive to doorway in the tulip senior high school in 30 seconds, see wear the student whom school in the harbor high school takes for the Tong, Tong remnants."
The Mu permits blue fall can have no so silly, know perfectly well Pan's sea threaten to make reprisals to still need to walk into death, according to the teacher's performance, the telephone shuts down the greater half affirm and have for sky what secret affair, oneself goes home first affected industry always compare stay in silly etc. in the doorway of literally take the car of classmate to return to well or make a phone call call big manor parties car to answer, the harbor high schools aren't likely to know.
Already the deep autumn in November cool idea invades a body, the street cleaner is sweeping the defoliation of stand for flowerpots and Lin Yin Dao, but who don't dare to come out door in the school as well, on being fierce to bare kid to stand over there for eye dew, who meeting from beg for trouble?His foot tramples one leaf, you make him let also not BE, not let also not BE, a street cleaner once admonished the young man of street smoking to throw cigarette butt indiscriminately, the result was suddenly and violently beaten into severely wounded, only had more than 1,000 works of monthly salaries, wasn't the body a little bit worther money?
There are still children on the football field being kicking ball, glow with enthusiasm, cry voice, whistle voice this that Fu, the turf-grass in the fountain neighborhood, 23 rightnesses of the loverses for covering up, pull to begin a stroll, say the other people listenned to will vomit, oneself listenned to don't dislike sufficient sweet prattle forever, there is all in great quantities active figure in volleyball course, tennis courts and release from school till 8:00 p.m. in the afternoon, is the best extracurricular activity time.
23 grade one youths who play skateboard of Lin Yin Dao tie turban and take, full is the jeans of hole and grow and sport t - shirts Shans of knee, the ear fills headphones, the left foot fierce Deng is a two times, the side didn't slide past all the way from the fountain, after a deceleration hole, Gao Gao Yue since, and then fall skateboard once up, the air devotes one's minds excited and satisfied.
Liao learns a soldier to get a group of persons vastly and mightily from the teaching down stairs, the persons are much certainly many, the courage increases with each other, even if 1,000 Chius are big strange to stand at at present, can make him fuck off, three years four classes of class Ba Lu Jun Feng get a revolting feeling several boys that play skateboard and need that classmate to roar and shout process nearby, the suddenly horizontal is one leg, that classmate flies off skateboard and flops down in the strong and tough cement ground, although wore kneepad and protect elbow, still wipe the flesh blood sprinkle Li.
That skateboard youth the Alas! Alas! yell and looking at one big cluster of person, peep out to fear to an idea in the eye and accept gentleman breeze to scold a way:"Dress up as in Lao Tze's in front cool is this end, hear have no, hereafter get to toilet in go to slippery, don't lost face here."Include leaf jade tiger, close Mu cloud at inside, owner all common sight, unconcerned.
Liao learns a soldier upset:"He plays his, since didn't hinder you as well as disturb public order, are you pretty horizontal to this extent?Lu Jun Feng's classmate apologizes to him right away, otherwise I killed you, gentleman breeze ……your father give you hopes you have gentleman poise, know?"
"Hold!When is the teacher fantastic?Is Chiu big strange came me don't jilt him as well!"The Nu way of Lu Jun Feng.
In Li Yu a think that the opportunity that clap eldest brother Ma Pi came and caught Lu Jun Feng to say:"Do you like to be two classes of two years enemies?You want to living not as every day as dead at fear with anxious mid-degree lead?You think every day drive pain flat 100 times 100 time?If don't think, please shine on teacher Liao to say of do."
Lu Jun Feng sees a leaf a jade tiger and receive a soldier several people all stare at him and seem treat Liao to learn soldier's 1 to make to descend the pair of beat by himself/herself such as come to Buddha Zu, all of the flame of anger eliminate and start to hand that unlucky

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