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 Channelings und Berichte "News für Lichtbereiter"
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21.10.2021 09:20
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Receive a soldier to touch folding of a flicker cold light penknife, the beating of Pa is one work, toward there is history in the tulip senior high school the No.1th madman walk:"That let's come right away to in advance practice a campus to bleed affairs."
The film studio takes a rest at noon, Liao learns a soldier lazy must make a phone call and destroy completely teacher too ask for leave, she wants again dare back make Yin recruit, Lao Tze non- incarnation too very Zhang San was plentiful to chase her spade can not.
Permit ice with Mu to relate to a to enter to hard put from the outside, however see her pouring is as if nothing has occurred, just as common, oneself also took things calmly.The in the mind reads Dao:"Never be imagine oneself as the favorite.In case invite humiliation."Peacetime how should talk how talk, public place under don't dare as well rash everything just like it cent.
Rushed through to clap several act dramas in the afternoon, old Liao ground the drama gradually and more clap more little, estimate in a few more days have no his business.
Come to stop work for the day in the evening.Rush through school to once connect small and blue fall to go, the Mu permits ice rain to see he ascend car and called a cousin, Liao learns a soldier a turn head:"What matter?"
The Mu permits ice rain desire speech again.", Nothing important matter, earlier tomorrow come, don't keep everyone waiting you."
"Like, come early as far as possible."Old Liao nothing important be in love experience, don't listen to meaning that female kid has already invited him to date in the evening already, the white white blundered away good opportunity, from think natural and unrestrained a wave hand to walk.
Haven't entered campus, the passage that the department chief grows in the door at the school stands a flock of unfamiliar young man that lifts knife to carry stick, the foot contains more than 3410s and is dressed in the schools of outside school to take, the arm part contains the line pattern of blue wave and know on seeing to is the student of the east city area harbor high school, 35 in groups, or squat down tree the bottom smokes, or the station do with malice ground to looking at to release from school by the side of the road of tulip Gao high school student.The gutter language flew indiscriminately from and scolded Niang to linger in the ears, sometimes station together carry of two people suddenly for battled out a cigarette since the box on the ear.
So many outside student of the schools come together in the tulip doorway and cause trouble?He thinks of this class of very naughty student who is turned by the harbor high school to come and suddenly has already far from goodly grown to prepare feeling.
Drive snow Buddha orchid all the way the Sou wear a line and lower speed and indeed as expected see Pan's sea becomes awe-inspiring of the station is in the crowd middle and lift a baseball bat in hand and seem to be an in waiting for what person preparing to do and really have an of underworld eldest brother power.
Liao learns a soldier to shake to get off a window to loudly drink to ask:"Pan's sea becomes, what do you do here?"
Pan's sea became slowly long Pie his one eye:"Minding your owning business is hitting your ground car into fragment."
H'm?Is this what rubbish?Is small young at present less and less reasonable is that one is old to love taking care of the young, connected this class of class lord to allow to dare to also threaten, really too ridiculous.Is helpless the tone for shaking head, using a big strange type of typical Chiu say"the classmate is a sacred school here, you had better let go of a weapon involved in murder right away, and otherwise I will report to the police."
"Ha ha!"Pan's sea becomes to unrestrainedly smile and flicks baseball bat:"Take ball stick not to go against the law, police first, we walk, they walked we again, be grasped to arrive don't also relate to, we are students, at most be regarded as 1 to gather many cause trouble, come out again for 48 hours."Close a Mu cloud and summer however that grandson Gui , hide at school don't dare to come out, is really a Huai to grow."
"Is courageous, pass Mu cloud who don't you know him?"
Pan's sea becomes a face to lead a part, averts from breeze and ordered smoke:", A guy for considering as correct, have already been frightenned by me."
Old Liao mysterious ground of Xi Xi says:"It is said that he is the hooligan's member, in the school who also dare not offend him."
Pan's sea become one Leng, with flank a few classmates of original schools together cachinnation way:'He if the hooligan's person, I am the person of dry skeleton regiment."BE all saying in the sea scope, the dry skeleton regiment place name spirit really wants than the hooligan greatly up many.

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