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 Channelings und Berichte "News für Lichtbereiter"
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The telephone has been shutting down, don't know stem as well what go to.Adjust breath, in the window way lightly Kou shot, to the seat classmate near the window inquiry:"Excuse me, you class teacher Liao is where, I seek him to occupy."
The person asked is Sung Ting Ting of newly arrived transfer, red the face shake.
Gao Jiao gets up in Li Yu:"Ah, this isn't the star China elder sister?"Before at enchant island of time know, he didn't learn anything and was partial to learn the 100% thick-skinned of teacher Liao, whether the other party would like to, without telling anyone be called the elder sister to the somebody else.A slip away small run, flee a classroom:"Star China elder sister, have what can I help yours?"
"Ha ha, please ask ……" courtesy of Li Xing Hua nods a smile, is just wanting openings, many boys are all surprised to shout:", The campus queen came and went out to see one rare quickly."Immediately shout a , rounding hallway one is ram-jam full, imitate if the thick-skinned judges and decides the spot, the conflicting views ground asks:"Star China elder sister, you have what matter, the younger brother knits the brows for you two ribs putting knife, not.""The elder sister don't manage that idiot in Li Yu, he just came from the mental hospital break out of.""Elder sister can fold to shine on to match a shadow with you?"
Li Xing Hua is smile slightly:"You class teacher Liao where ah?The art big match has a little a matter, I want to seek his amount of company."
The Mao that is small and blue to fall Luo in heart is for a while:"Luckily I seek a teacher to work as usual."
"This time doesn't can go in the office where?""I guess that the teacher am in health center and nurse Lin's chat.""Not, you all thought to be wrong, I saw him driving to go out.""Not to, isn't he pursuing typist Yan Ms. Jiang?Should be just right in the reference room."
Li Xing Hua helps the spoony the male to this can't, the smile copes with 1:", That I am in office seek him good."
"Star China elder sister, will walk so quickly, come to my Shan class to sit for a while.""Elder sister, hereafter must often come to call on us."
Calculate, that person be really of, all day long east run west to run, tomorrow come to inquire the whereabouts of necklace again, room inside never other people, must be that he took and also had ……still have a pants ……
"Pa!"The summer however got one loud and clear box on the ear of recording, immediately after a wrinkly Ba expected of five dollar banknoteses throw in front of him, Pan's sea becomes a cold way:"Classmate, the interjection grandpa comes to listen to."
Is newly arrivedly so overbearing?
Summer as if however great anger male lion, overthrow table, become to tussle with Pan's sea at a , the 2 people body has no command over and bumps platform, the chalk dropped all over the floor.
Help, still don't help?Help who?This is a problem.
Leaf jade tiger dynasty pass Mu cloud made an expression of eyes:"Draw back them, don't make classroom foul air of, no wonder that all have no girl recently hallway after our class, whistle voice all compare little before a lot of."Leaf jade tiger he or she consider at the same time, for the sake of maintenance oneself is in the class the boy's governance dint have to Zhe's taking this Jie Ao doesn't tame of transfer.
Closed Mu cloud to just want to walk over there, the Mu permitted blue fall have already stood:"Your garbage again not stop don't blame me Don't mention it."This is the teacher's class, definitely disallow anyone to put across a complete mess.She doesn't wait other people to have reaction, bring up the chair is toward twisting and doing a regiment to roll to pour to flop at 2 people of ground.
Stronger Pan's sea becomes to press in the top, first hit, the head got heavy on recording, almost can not open eyes.The Nu delivers crazy, is about to disregard a station to rise, and then was however kept on pulling by the summer the summer however encounter this to greatly change and compare malicious before many.
"I once said to prohibit to fight, have been already heard?"The Mu permits blue fall on the ground, the chair's Jiao humed a , the power is hundred percent.
Close Mu cloud afraid that the female kid suffers a los.The favour robs steps to come forward, separately two swollen people of nose green face, receive a soldier to also surround to left for in Li Yu, cold stare at Pan's sea don't talk.
Pan's sea's becoming don't also speak and blured out nosebleed, shoulder a flash to walk to return to seat.Support table all alone, all alone order a summer however, the pass Mu cloud, Li Yu in, receive soldier and Mu to permit blue fall to say:"You all wait to see."
"So cow pair?"The leaf jade tiger doesn't already surprise.
"The person of harbor high school will step an even senior high school of Yu gold."Pan's sea becomes to take an oath and sweep one eye in the whole classroom like the great king, Hey Hey, the harbor high school attends of student mostly dock man,

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