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26.10.2021 04:47
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caused Lao Tze to fall off one Jiao, alas.I at that time also dare not utter a word, wanted waited he to walk did again live, tripe skin directly take a bottle of soy sauce, storekeeper also not dare say, the widow Cui talked too much a , "younger brother, you how not give money?"This under can ask for Nu tripe skin, slapped her on the face, originally thought this matter even if, had never thought tripe skin Tu amendment heart, take off the clothes of widow Cui to touch breast and lead many people to round a view."
The skin being young people to know tripe is always overbearing, nod in succession:"Does that Liao learn a soldier, where is he ?"There is an individual a little bit defying:"The widow Cui is so old he also make, was really blind eye."
Xing Wang's middle age turned angry face on the spot:"Boy, you don't blather beard words, if make Liao learn a soldier to hear, your this tongue didn't protect, he hated other people to flirt women most , Shi strong Ling Ruo.Say again, those are ten several year agos, the widow Cui was very handsome in those early years, E, I asked you one more, if was your mama be humiliated, you can also say the words like this come?"
That young man immediately the facial expression Shan Shan shut up:"The big uncle continues, be me what didn't say."
"Liao learned a soldier to just release from school, at the right moment through grocery store, be seen by him, two words didn't say to hurtle up to suddenly and violently beat, without extra trouble took sell a ground of chopper in store one knife the bottom went, the left hand of the tripe skin five fingers broke, at that time broke a limb to planted a ground of technique again also pretty flourishing of, however Liao learned a soldier to plus again several feet his broke to point to all trample flat, hoped for the nothing important."
"The young man together and together pours to take out cool spirit:"How cruel of person which!"
Middle age king walks on air:"From now on I learn a soldier to admire sincerely to take orally to Liao and have no two words again."
Come out a person of black full dress to say in lane son at this time:"Each elders person of hometown, you need not again etc., Mr. Liao has already walked."
"Walk?He just said drink together with me of, this boy plays to depend on again."Ox cart old man dissatisfiedly Rang way.
The young man pretty much disappoints, finally didn't see the person that the pear spend a town to enrich a legend color most , too regrettable, otherwise tomorrow once the school blow and promise to draw on all visions.
Open a car window, the night breeze roars and shouts to infuse into a car, the crouch annoys in the rear seat the of Cape sleeping,such as a burst of frost, cringes, Liao learns a soldier to throw away cigarette butt and closes a window and takes off a coat to cover with on her body, and the this Jiao weak helpless female kid was his from now on daughter.
If is a Mu to permit blue fall, definitely don't hestitate to lie prone on his thigh to go to bed, but the ,such as frost, be pretty much shy with strangers, although Liao learns a soldier to revenge to still promise to take in her for her, the heart starts feeling trust to this adopted father, trust return trust, the relation hasn't acquainted with, even in addition to his name, don't know anything, such as frost in the mind one vacant.
Bring trouble for tired two days, panic, sad, sad, pain and sufferings is all added to this pitiful ground girl body up, make her unbearable, step into a car to be relax to then and immediately lie down to greatly sleep, sink to immerse the dreamland at the black, not enter surprised get the body have muscular spasms, noodles dew pain and sufferings of color.
All the sky is black teacher haven't gone home!What does he exactly want to do!The Mu permits blue fall to finish doing a homework, send a servant checks to explore at the east city film studio, shortly after servant repay the play set have already stopped work for the day, the master doesn't know where went.Is small and blue to fall a to think, not in the right, the teacher took my clothes in the afternoon and had what spiteful attempts don't become?
Anyway he usually night not marriage, have already become accustomed to, then invite purple Ying of Chen Zhi Hui and moxa to go to the movie.Just changed a set of clothes, listenned to downstairs' housekeeper Tai Rui the rare Er saying:", Master you come back to pull, I make the cook prepare meal right away, today the vegetables is that you love most to eat ground three soups to braise a chicken, , this young lady ……"
The Mu permits blue fall headphones of one Shu:Young lady?
The teacher's voice says:", She is my daughter."
The Mu permits blue fall heart in a hasty, the jeans didn't pull zipper and urgently trod to flee to come downstairs steps, saw a teacher after death follow one to appear weak and look pallid a girl, and she is still dressed in her own clothes!This, exactly and what is the row.

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