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24.02.2023 02:36
The red man suddenly stares big eyes.He this just thinks of, oneself basically Antworten

The cold sword smiled, the smiling face was moderate and reserved, said"arrived this great sea how do we make moves again?"
The red man suddenly stares big eyes.He this just thinks of, oneself basically{a few words see not pure}
There is no ship, even if want to participate this matter, can also learn Bodhidharma to come to don't become by a the river of Wei Du?
"……All before didn't thought of they will be stupid to arrive this kind of situation and unexpectedly made people escape from the sea road.Elder brother Jian, there is a yacht club in neighborhood, do we go to a set ship and try to catch up with?"
The cold sword shakes and says:"It isn't that we are surprisingly, but we didn't thought of.This mistake is ours.With my estimate, the ship in the yacht club affirmative be all controled by him
.If we want a ship, unless is own bright clearly of identity ……he doesn't to our face still another one thing son give.If the target exposes.Not is fall a person words handle.?"
Long hair man some fidgetily say:"Do we helplessly looking at him to fire a gun person?Bright clear identity how again?Has our heavenliness ever China and when once feared other people?"
The cold sword shakes and says:"This kind of time, let's still choose to believe him.Made so many miracles, should can't make us disappoint, either this time."
Although the long hair young man is unwilling, also helpless.
When the cold sword chooses to believe that the leaf is for autumn.The leaf standing on the ship's bow autumn but is that one face is rigorous.
He has been considering as main opponent of thousand leaf Xuns, but have never thought to kill halfway that Japan woman.
Japan chemisette identity he has already known.Represent snake organization.Thousand leaf Xuns again is how with snake organization collaborate with together?
"What are their targets ?Exactly is what?"Leaf autumn the Rang Rang is from the language way.
Be because the information of collections isn't enough detailed.So just result in now this kind of embarrassed situation.
If know that their cooperation is together.The autumn of the leaf by all means will think a way to also want to take the member of team of thunderbolt squad to pass by a help.
Although he several hundred people help,deal with thousand leaf Xun here in Shenzhen person like this, they return is really exertion the wife's function is not.
Leaf autumn of so don't refuse, also just because of favoring their hand in hold of strong thermodynamic power.
He didn't believe that those people's body doesn't even break through bullets.
On the open sea last time, thousand leaf Xuns took a cannon ship to bombard them.This time leaf autumn in the mind also not is have never saved to make reprisals some kind of viewpoints.
Canning rush into thousand leaf Xuns to escape like grandson with machine gun and shell on the ocean is also a big beautiful matter.
Let the leaf worries for autumn of BE, if do they jump into sea how to do?
If the common run of people, jump down this great sea.Probably only a dead end.
Even if dead not, the leaf autumn orders these four iron ships along the sea surface searches all the way, they are also difficult to escape one dead.
But arrive for a sky to the real strenght, the ghost shadow of the field and a thousand leaf Xuns who don't know the depths to say, the difficulty like this is really unworthy a lift.
Is unique to let they difficult matter, now should dynasty which direction flee for life had better.
After all, the China can not go, there is leaf in Hong Kong for autumn at, is also dangerous of ground.Other places combine insecurity, journey is also at too faraway.
"Captain.Their ship fore noodles."Deep larynx a squad Be long to make a noise to shout a way.
The autumn of the leaf doesn't serve as any job in Wang Jian Han's troops, Be just being responsible for of temporary time this time.So, everyone calls his physically official job.
His physically official job is the captain of violet squad, and follow four captains of squads that he executes an order are also captains.So is a bit peculiar be, these four captain form of address leaf the autumn feed "captain".Other soldiers also call them as"captain"s.Sound, all of everyone's classes are "captain"s classes.
The autumn of the leaf also sees the front contain bright light flicker, because be apart from too far, leaf autumn basically can't peg out is he or she's ship to still pass by of merchantman.
"The assurance isn't our ships"
"Yes.They have been biting escaped convict."The squad is long to make collective report a way.
"Accelerate.Accelerate with all strength of catch up."The leaf orderanies the autumn to.
The squad grows to make and immediately pass wireless ear wheat Be flourishing to orderany to a few ships.

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