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24.02.2023 02:28
Although is social in present, the rich and have the power the person is all same person Antworten

The person being rich to rather have power, have power wants to crumple so Nian the rich all goes.Because the one party is the establishment of the rules, but another a square but is a performance.
Although is social in present, the rich and have the power the person is all same person.
But, why can thousand leaf Xuns also leave by yacht?And still break through the Lei what oneself established a defense line.Are their ships where to comes?
Because the back of red person's club building of office is a limitless ocean, this gives the leaf for autumn their to grasp to catch to make Lei many difficulties.
Ye Qiu is worried that someone will leave from water road, have muscular spasms ten respectively from four squads personal organization a defense line.This defense line includes 40 elite soldiers and two iron shipses that hold heavy weapons.
Intercept so obviously strength really is a too weak Lei to thousand leaf Xuns.All probably need not how use strength son, they easily get away from Lei their to track.
Make people strange BE, why leaf don't autumn's connecting a gun to ring hear?
As long as a person in those 40 soldiers opens fire, the leaf autumns can discover an abnormality, then the meeting acts towards people to dare to support in time.
In fact leaf autumn gave these a very simple tasks of 40 people:Give warning.
Is also a such a simple task, they unexpectedly have no to complete.
The autumn of the leaf is after really doing not know affair be over should how punish them.
"Report target position."Leaf the autumn part is rapid of rush to the seaside, 1 time shouts a way to this words tube.
After death what to follow is 80 elite soldiers of 1 brigade and 2 brigades, their noodles permits seriously, and the action is nimble, can give the enemy fatal attack at any time.
The peaceful age isn't on-line in the frontier again, appear such a soldier of in full battle array, is at is make people surprised.
But leaf the autumn know, thousand leaf Xuns are absolutely stiller severe than 100 terrorists.
"Report captain.Target person after breaking through the defense line drive to the south.There are an our brothers ships following behind now"someone in the ear wheat make collective report a way.
"Let them from a distance follow and then go.Don't close to on one's own initiative.Make collective report directions to me at any time."The autumn of the leaf talks of time, have already run to the Lei the seaside.
Already someone adjusted to Lei from the fertile Er Si yacht club four yachts be parked the near the bank sees a leaf come over for autumn, one wears the black cc packs of fatty full face heap smile of face to come up to want to shake hands with leaf autumn.
"Stop" soldier to threaten a way.Point at a middle age fatty with the gun muzzle.Disallow him to close to a leaf for autumn.
"Who is he ?"The autumn of the leaf swept fatty's one eye and asked a way.
"Leadership good.Not Lao these eldest brothers answer...I am the manager of fertile Er Si yacht club, leadership, I really don't know that person is a poison dealer, otherwise say what I also can't the yacht rent to them..Say again, they yesterday rented ship walk, I didn't don't get the superior's painful notice"Li Yan Ku wore a face explain.
He thinks that those feet's having the person to listen to is a poison dealer, and sees this power, those people still fantastic of poison dealer.He is also worried that he is embroiled because of this matter.
The autumn of the leaf has no time to listen to he explains and waves hand to say, "take away first.The others go aboard with me."
Leaf autumn whole life order, nature have the captains to be responsible for arranging soldier to go aboard, four ships, each one is 20 people on board.Pass wireless and the brothers before tracking make contact and fly soon and forward noodles to rush through.
Iron ship far goes, two personal shadow from dark of walked out in Lin Zi.

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