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26.10.2021 04:57
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two great works of Li Qing Yuan Kua, know that the possibility that gets a prize is the highest, doesn't dare to emit this insurance does idea spirit it contend for, say:"Teacher Liao despised a person too much, I am ability in our school to sincerely show off and show board of directors art set badly, teacher Su's student is so excellent, and they aren't likely to neglect."
Su ice cloud stands on Mo always Tai flank, but learn a soldier with Liao far, say:"I feel to still make use of this opportunities develop some art talented persons more just the most important, other get a prize what ground just is this foundation."
Suddenly, Su ice cloud neglected with himself or herself, impressionable the heart from old Liao can realize, she at intentionally the distance of cool 2 people.
Immediately after chew the fat several, momentary nothing important words, Liao learns quasi- Su ice cloud of soldier Qu to go out to go to the stool and also follows to go out and ignore Mo always the taste of Tai, call in the stairs she.
Slippery other people in the long long hallway, the both sides wall hangs a student ground art work, just as since go toward of quite.
"Teacher Su."
Su ice cloud has already after death hears a step voice, not to this voice feel suddenly, lightly say with smile:"What matter?You can wait for a second, I want still up the bathroom."
", I have already found out diary and understood to take place what matter that evening."
Su ice cloud body is one Zhi, slowly return overdo, orthoptic Liao learns the soldier's eyes:"Execuse me, today was November 18, " says to turn round desire to walk.
"What?"Old Liao can not believe, decade you led like this and why the need for cared for a day, and scene, " teacher Su, day to you very important Yao, what viewpoint your in the mind has to tell me?"
"I know that you are the boy who once saved me, from see tatoo of your waist started and then knewed that day, but I didn't understand your heart, I don't think a fee to devote to think and a person who didn't love me together, so everyone is displeased, yesterday from morning until night, I had been all being waiting you and once sought still in office you were two, I don't care you could get hold of what diary, I just wanted to confirm you to are to is to don't like me, but you have no, you even a telephones have never given to once beat to me, sorry, I really don't think again be subjected to molestation like this."
"This …… this ……" spent processing business in the town in the pear yesterday, basically in no mind have regard for other, if spoke to consider as an explanation, the other party would think that that is a to laughably lend.Liao's learning a soldier don't face experience of this feelings, can also understand readily beard Zou that is the parties don't ascend use of, temporarily hard put is good.
"If nothing important matter I walked first, teacher Liao, sincerely hope that you can find out a better girl."Su ice cloud is full of gloomy absolute being wound under the mild tone, the one step one step stands down step.
The figure that looking at her, Liao learns a soldier to want to request to stay, but that sentence all anyway say not to export, foolish a short moment, straight-tempered squat down at the stairs of point a smoke."I really don't want to be subjected to molestation like this again, can't be Mo always the Tai makes of ghost?This boy always all at on loosing left over strength stroke my image, be very likely to be he Cuan Duo Su ice cloud, confuse its heart ambition, cheat its feelings, say to the utmost Lao Tze's ill, the woman suspects heavy, most listen to not get gossip.
"Five Yes, Hey Hey."Old Liao feels to solve rival in love first to is to is importance and dialed Mo Lao Wu's telephone:"You that dog son go on a blind date in Europe and seek of what object?"
", At the beginning just want to make him avoid a disaster in Europe, however also sought a women, avoided remaining of disaster if talk also fairly good, add for my Mo Jia Tian's son, is Smith's household of Europe, often have the contacts of business with me, I with the relation of that household very close, he at the right moment has a daughter is called Alice, this year just 20 years old, pretty like a small dog, however don't know the reason why afterwards, the small dog doesn't like that ocean girl, I limit of time an arrive him urgently wear back."Mo Lao Wu doesn't know that Liao learns a soldier to suddenly inquire this matter is what intention, but still such as actually say.
Liao learns a soldier to frightened to disgrace:"Smith's household?Those are several generation sons to climb a not last blessing cent, old five, you are just too silly, must facilitate this matter to, wear to think for the sake of our businesses, breaking can not give up and let right away that what Alice take airplane to rush through to medium sea, I to be responsible for bringing together them, you know of, I work together with your son at the same school, there is way."

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