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26.10.2021 04:54
two works can acquire Antworten

"Like, you to favour yours."Led for several seconds, old Liao realized mistake to come over and jumped feet to lambaste:"The smelly boy doesn't have a class well and incredibly dares to also play me."It is fierce on turning head, early disappear in the end of road in Li Yu.
Or like analysis for a while Su ice cloud present mental condition, that evening at"being prosperous is like dream" a western meal building her hand drive Mo the Tai always grasp, six truly reach to say yesterday she is all twice to seek himself/herself to the office, how did this exactly make?
Old Liao can not tolerate to carry so much most of she why with Mo the Tai is always so warm and affectionate, the female is from the red almond wall be is guilty of the most hideous crime, he as the man certainly consider a problem by male thinking angle, feel that oneself provokes a few woman's nothing importants.But the woman is unfaithful to ruler really beyond the limit-this probably comes from the first lover's betrayal to produce of be partial to arouse.
The tube is so many, hold now first is a key.
Step into art museum, then hear Mo always the Tai is open, Liao learns soldier's felling but is an irritating to the ear laughter, good boy, have no matter double to sought beauty to strike up a conversation, really have you the ground.
The studio that is on the second floor, senior clerk just and art big match set Wei will the members discuss which work meet with the possibility of prize bigger, in 《the autumn 》and 《 fire bird died with the breeze 》 , concrete concentration's these two paintings all get calligraphy and painting expert Mr. Li Qing Yuan and education bureau chief Kua is great over of good work, the corner of yesterday morning's 《medium the sea early report 》 still just some version once carried on to report.
Liao learns a soldier slovenly always, what none of matters interfere with, everyone holds a meeting naturally lazy must notify, saw this guy pomaded hair and powdered face ground walking into classroom at present.All canning not helping an is foolish.
Mo Tai's considering as don't see always.Without telling anyone be full of praise to 《fire bird 》 :"The student whom teacher Su trains can draw the work that has so depth and be to let everybody to sigh for the view and see this lines.See this color, how moderate, how vivid concrete, say a honest words, on that day I saw this work already foolish live, bequeath to posterity it make!Look back what 《the autumn died with the breeze 》 , first not say the name is ugly to be pitiful, basic achievement method also not good, particularly the person of painting top, absolutely is a scenery greatly and very, broke whole pleasant impression, Kui difficult master Lee will feel good.I see its reason of Chong take a consolation will also about, we make the energy concentration publicizeeing 《fire bird 》 top at, take no notice of what autumn in winter."
Su ice cloud beside nods:"I see also about, the nothing important can compare sex, if our school connects to take two big prizes, that is also good."Superficially help to do to act with dignity, in fact the in the mind also pretty hopes that his/her own student acquires more unusual honors, that will be affirmation of her ability.
Sun Ping Hai says:"H'm, you is to the ground, if connect to take big prize, the parent will be double to raise to the art lesson subterranean heat feeling, they can see in this aspect as usual can become useful as well up the sons and daughters, hence the parent will influence a school, and then the board of directors will say that the beautiful jade set of not essential carries on a value at the senior high school."
Lyu Kai is also very excited:"When we music set just have a successful in career day, had better also hold in city what piano big match."Think of before and taught for two years two classes of played the piano the student put glue on the wooden bench of business, not from beat to shudder with cold.
Mu always Tai this guy how many days don't see, when did the academic association reverse a black-and-white effort?Old Liao roars with laughter a dynasty first senior clerk beat hello, again to Su ice cloud the big beauty say:"Teacher Su, please trust good, two works can acquire big prize."
Su ice cloud Be cool to see his one eye:"BE?I expect very much, don't know that teacher Liao will have a way?"
Mo Tai always throws down 《fire bird 》 to copy a piece to stand to old Liao's in front to say with smile:"Teacher Liao, do you say to take a prize to take a prize?The art big match isn't what your house holds again."
"That we wager ascend a wager good.If two works all get a prize, would not° until especially wait a prize calculate, other small prizes all need not lift, that your teacher Mo strips naked pants to run up 3 turns in the school and perform the behavior art appreciates for us, how?"Liao learns a soldier light say with smile.

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