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23.03.2023 02:33
The Teng green mountain connects to nod Antworten

His son'Teng green mountain'is severe!
But, again severe, how the possible Dou once got a huge monster sort of'green lake island'?Connect whole return a dollar religions all Dou however, don't even say a very small Teng green mountain.For the sake of the son's safety, Teng any always doesn't think that the son so is.
"Do not go."Yuan orchid eyes in also expecting is full, misgiving.
BE revenging and the son choose, they certainly choose and make the son lead ground thoroughly.
"Trust, dad!Your son isn't a simpleton, foolishly hurtle to kill."The Teng green mountain extrudes smiling face, comfort parents, " since the childhood, you once saw your son from overestimate own ability of walk into death?"
Teng any always listens to, this political ability is tiny to trust.
Since the childhood, the Teng green mountain work to really have much of proper restraint, really isn't that kind of brains heat recklessly of person.
"Green mountain."Teng always any formally way, " that go to we Chuang in the Teng house, strong line of want to take me, the green Hao still has you always brother-in-law Xiang of that rides soldier's leader and needs to be regained the soldier of silver Jiao big camp on the way, I discover, many non-commissioned officers all respectully call him BE'little island lord'."
"Is him!"Teng green mountain heart in not from upsurge one to kill idea.
Is a thou a life time friend!
In fact in those early years at the flame mountain first sight thou a life time friend, that ancient life time friend was to have a competition with other people, beat half-way stopped to admit defeat ……still had in Wu An Jun's city, the winter plum selection ran into ancient life time friend and twice met, the Teng green mountain discovered this thou a life time friend is more false cunning person.But have never thought ……
A life time friend this thou, cunning arrive strong oneself about to the father grasp pass by.
"Thou a life time friend, I necessarily kill you."The Teng any heart bottom intention to murder always dashes about.
Teng always any but is a close behind way:"Green mountain, the very obvious this little island lord is to have enemy hatred with you!So ……whatever you do, you have to watch out for and slice ability the gist not."Teng always any oneself only and perhaps the son also don't know that main this person man's natural character in the little island, so connect to remind.Prevent°from that little island lord in oneself's son'thou a life time friend'of recruit.
"H'm, I will be carefully."
The Teng green mountain connects to nod.
The Teng green mountain grows up, is again a black A soldier to get generally, high status!So Teng always any and Yuan orchid, how again also can persuade a Teng green mountain, they can not force a Teng green mountain not to go.Because in the Teng always any 2 people's eyes in ……they are two to are all husband and wife in the countries, the taste can not compare with son.
The son's choice, they can't make decision for it.
The Teng green mountain takes some foods and makes change clothes and then and quickly rushes through back to greatly postpone mountain.

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