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02.03.2023 02:33
The autumn of the leaf is again a burst of bad cold Antworten

The autumn of the leaf is again a burst of bad cold.
Foreigner how does the total foot talk so?Too Yin Hui."The autumn of the leaf.Come.Ruthlessly bully me."
The words listenned to him, the leaf autumn always cans not controls feelings of think to be slanting to other aspects to go.
"Come."The autumn of the leaf is bad to ruthlessly say.
Since can not resist, that lets to fight absolute being to enjoy well.Beat he cans not gets up from lying position and sees him returning how to fight again.
This time, the leaf autumn started aggression on his/her own initiative.
The hands clench fist, rapid of to war the absolute being rushed pass by.If take off Jiang mustang, crary violent in action."Kill."The eyes of the war absolute being inside purple only flash across, also equally clench fist blunt past.
The distance is quickly drawn near, 2 people's face more sticks more near.Clearly the speed is very quick, leaf autumn but feel that now is like a slow lens time to put, he very the Gu can see war absolute being that bulky pore in the face.
The fist starts to take of the furious wind gum match together and send out lightning flash Pa imitate if the sound of electric current sort.
Again the 2 people fist collides with each other.Mightiness of the ache of vigour son and awl heart at the same time set of time whole body.
Ye Qiu feels the flesh on the body be like drive to worked properly 1 F, have already could not realized their existence.
There is the first-time collision experience, so this 2 people all did some take precautions against.The boxing dint this time is getting more fierce, collide more badly.But, 2 people's body has never flown to go out.
They all chose to use to spread a dint method and transfered the strength that the body originally promise to be subjected to to foot.
So, is simultaneous, the ground stood by them took place to crack.
Mao Pa!
2 people's feet sank into a ground while taking charge of.The strong and tough earth crust is been strong by that to have no the strength of Kua is to the earthquake.
Almost allows of no Xi, 2 people's hatching well and a second boxing has already again made moves.
Highly difficult dodge method and boxing meat bumped the sound that the shot sends out to constitute a combat of high specification, two what people beat got into a hot dispute.The rounding of flank view also all sees a ground of gape.
Don't know when, got lord adult to also walk out, "grandpa, you feel who will win?"The silver eye stares continuously ground to looking at the combat on the field and makes a noise to ask a way.

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