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 The White Hats Report - B. Fulford - Zeitgeschehen
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02.03.2023 02:15
Small white calmness of sit an autumn at the leaf nearby, one face is apathetic Antworten

"That must also wait until young master to carry on again after returning to Japan.The safety of young master is the most important."
"How?Do they dare to kill me in Hong Kong?Aren't they afraid of two countries to open hostilities?"Three wells are burning matchless extremely conceited of say.
The Suzuki tactfully shut up.
He knows that the young master in nowadays doesn't need to advise Wei, he demand calmness.
The autumn of the leaf takes big brigade person's horse arrives to of time, at the right moment saw the car tail of three well burning bodyguard car brigades.
"Captain.They have already walked."Leaf's tiger looking at a car brigade to make collective report a way to the leaf autumn.
The autumn of the leaf ordered to nod, then said"leaf's tiger, the line grows a boring affair don't to stare to hatch a sort.
I also saw them walking."
"."Promising of leaf tiger injustice.
Small white calmness of sit an autumn at the leaf nearby, one face is apathetic.
Get the subordinate report, the silver eye faced out, after seeing a leaf for autumn, said with a smile:"Unexpectedly you will rush through."
"Want to come naturally.Our China is the nation of rite, treating the friend has to with all sincerity and mutually treat.Although I have much of confidence to you,I am still worried that you will suffer some otiose injury."The autumn of the leaf is thick face to say.
The look in the eyes of silver eye hard conjectures a leaf autumn, wish, grandpa say, own discomposure, is because of the at present man?
But, why does own heart have to be disorderly?Because of the love?
So, what is a love again?
So abstruse problem, the silver eye is to have no answer.
"What person to conflict happen?"The silver eye asks a way.He is a cutthroat, the nature sees to multiply by from the station is in these people of in front's that eye the end exert of the murderous look, and they just once fought.
And, they a whole width of is armed.Also someone's body up suffer from slight bullet wound.
The all theses are all obvious.
"We roasted a flock of Japan pig.Skin the burnt meat is crisp, regrettable, you have no opportunity to taste."
The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
"The autumn of the leaf.You should not be a soldier.It is like also a cutthroat."The silver eye says.
"Many thanks to praise."The leaf evaluation of autumn to silver eye likes very much.The sky knows that his ideal in childhood really is did a cutthroat.
"I want to do a world first cutthroat."He ever and so once said to the small white.
He still says"who dare to humiliate you, I killed who."
That time, he really don't know this is such as opium similar sweet prattle.
Small age of, cheated to take a Bu girl son life and death mutually with of loyalty.

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