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27.10.2021 08:46
daughter and student Antworten

Mu's permitting ice rain to press a root has never thought he moves of is the mind of "being total to bathe", temporarily bashful and infinite, slowly pendency head, solution next firm in the silk ribbon on the plait, don't dare to see him, unexpectedly have several cents, the matter arrives at present appearance of recognizing the life.
Cover with to spread long hair, quiet quiet the station no longer dare to have surplus action by the side of the public baths, Qiao face the Fei is red, be suffused with cause on the skin strain but appear of chicken skin pimple.The heart has three the cents expect, three cent flurried, three cent nervous, leave penny of resist, various complicated feelings, oneself also not too says come up.
Cun way:"How should I do?His meeting can't want to do that with me ……do I want to promise him?"The intention is definitely difficult.
The one more turns a head, see Liao learn a soldier already all over take off red of, the muscle bands together and harms Ba to maneuver interleave on the skin, the Kua rounds a big towel, and the between the legs Tu rises a strange shape.Her oh is a , the hurried Wu lives eyes and almost drops into pond.
Liao learns a soldier already her Lan enter bosom, the palm dauts that delicate face and up still take girlish of floss, pole is lovely, "ice rain, don't stand to beside catch cold, rain to go to quickly, I try water temperature first."
See him thus easy, the Mu permits ice rain but heart to wildly jump, the argument is dry, and a words all can not say it and almost cover up head into chest.
Water gradual Man Gao, fog spirit curls up, stretches hand to try temperature and calls a way:"Alas! has a little to burn.However next steep at the right moment suitable."
The Mu permits ice rain hand and foot to accompany soft, stand unsteady body, sit on the chair to pant.Liao learns soldier's hand to take in the past, has already taken her coat away and followed again to take off an underwear.The Mu permits ice rain as if treat to kill lamb.The mind that basically could not living to resist allows to order about.
The lace side text chest of a pink, takes a wisp empty wood grain, Liao learns soldier within an ace of asphyxiation and works well mental state preparation at this time and Be different from so hurried in locker room in the film studio, the big star ground is in a piece of meat each inch shape whole income eyes each time, the heart is particularly shocking:Is beautiful to the extreme achievement is such!
Mu's permitting ice rain is also strains to arrive whole body the skin all start to be suffused with red of situation, the joint is stiff, understands to see oneself's toe.
Lightly take off brassiere.Jump two regiment round and smooth and strong meat, two purple grapes embellish among them.To say that just old Liao has already suffocated this time the son heart have already stopped jumping about.What does Su ice cloud calculate?Roll a part;What does river rain Xi calculate?BE stood by side.
Old Liao finally the beautiful dream become really and wildly swallow saliva and appreciated very in a short while and saw the Jiao Qu shivering in the air of cold Qiao.Hurriedly throw on a towel for her.Then solution descend jeans ground button.The Mu permits ice rain pretty much match, shiver to gradually recover down.
"Liao, Liao learns a soldier, will you love me during a lifetime?"Is at the last moment, resist useless, only confirm feelings of an other party again.
The old earnest time for Liao weighs to talk a promise very much and smell at this time the speech can not help one Leng, heart way:"Shell Xiao Dan, I equally can not be ungrateful to her.What about Alice, there are still in the seven cents cajolery for three cents, and genuine feeling, connect Su ice cloud I sincerely once liked as well at least, also is small and blue to fall, that is that the blood is thicker than aqueous natural affection ……"
The woman being madly in love medium would rather listen to a leasing don't wish to listen to true words as well.See old Liao yea and nay don't answer, then the Zheng Zheng falls in tears.Say:"Thinking a problem also want to think is so long, originally you basically be not sincerely like me."
Old Liao's idea activity opened and said with smile right away:"Who say that I don't like you?I not only love you lifetime, also need to continue to keep on loving, the next life bears again to turn a life time also still need to seek you do my woman, until wasteland in the sky is old."
The Mu permits ice rain to smile through tears, the tears hangs by the side of the Sai, as if the pear flower take rain and divide an outside beautiful, say:"Is true?That is you it that love my 1?"
"Certainly, I still have my brothers sister, daughter and student, I will also take good care of them, but on feelings, I swear that loves a Mu to permit ice rain, if disobey this Shi, thunderclap in the sky splits, don't die a natural death.

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