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27.10.2021 08:39
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Suddenly see his tail point the last ring, the surprise ground says with smile:"You this ring is card ground second brand, pretty beautiful."Sees that ring texture the best, curve upper-class a Xuan purpose silver light.In the center inset groundly diamond, being simple elegantly simple, and showing is stylish, design very outstanding, obviously be worth of not thin.
The Mu permits ice rain vision brightly shining, more see more is fancy.Stretch hand go to lightly touch.The tentacle is ice-cold, seem a heart that is full of love.She comes in and goes out upper-class society, numerous men rob to send jewelry jewelry for her, because the qualities is noble, even once clapped the institutional advertising of some jewelry company, the taste experience all very outstanding, knew this jewelry to be called "the dream of garden", at the same time being two each one rings to men and women of kit, be worth of 1,000,000.The whole world only has 1 rightness, Liao learns now soldier's hand up what to wear is female style.
"Like and then send to you."Liao learns soldier's words an export to immediately think of that is who to his pledge love token of promise, temporarily and pretty much regret, if isn't hands still hold steer device, Be about to clap thigh.He old crafty huge Hua.Being understand to regret is also useless, convert brains right away.Ride with the current, say with smile:"In fact this ring is what I make a special trip to buy to send you, ha ha, don't know to run how much place, begged how much person."Wait through several years, ocean girl another knot new sweetheart, seek Lao Tze again to want a ring, buy again to her when the time comes is also-old Liao not know in the world only have 1 rightness, only have no two.
"Really?"Mu's permitting what ice rain care isn't ring land price to be worth, she has been enough rich of, the jewelry is a lot of, all seldom wear at ordinary times, care of but is the intention that Liao learns a soldier, immediately pleased top tip of brow, let out strange ray of light in the eye.
The parking took off a ring to her and re- set out.The Mu permits ice rain vision to loiter and doesn't want to put it away and puts into left hand ring finger, the size is just suitable, pressed the palm in the center of the chest, and the Ying concussed huge happiness and almost forgot this trip ground eyes ground.
Arrive at the absolute being of month big manor, she has already unwillingly resumed to come over and says with smile:"Do you do to live for host here?Looking his house is pretty rich, so luxurious manor did I also seldom see before.Letting me guessing isn't shell house is Cao house, are they powerful roles.However ……you hereafter don't come again, do to live and watch another's expression for the person, suffer indignities more ah, I earn of money already enough we expense lifetime, I decide to withdraw a show biz next year, and you visit a world to the week."
Old Liao really moves in the heart, the world still has a so considerate girl and really already and not much sees.If can meet her before decade, I am definitely not so crary today.The Mu before regrettable decade permits ice rain return just 11-year-old young girl.Want to think, unexpectedly there is the mind of everlasting.
Or decided to tell the truth to calculate, otherwise can deceive during a lifetime?"This is me ground new house, although live isn't habit very, after all still a place that shields from wind to block rain, and also need not pay rent water electricity thing industry management fee."
Old Liao's loving to brag is all without exception already a person to know of secret, the Mu permits ice rain to say with smile:"Early guess you will say so, unimportant, I sing again for a year, song, fight for also buying one manor like this to live together with you."
The car stops in the villa front door, the Tai Rui is rare
The Er stands to humblely bow at the step front:"Welcome master back."
", Tai Rui rare Er, you right away arrange hand to go to behind the mountain hot springs work well preparation and check an equipments.Are two young ladies not so bad?Ice rain, she is my servant, you don't want to restrain, Yi, what's the matter with you?Don't talk?"
"Two young ladies read in the rear garden."
The Mu permits ice rain brain one blank, a few weeks ago still just the garage fixed a car for person, and the daughter lived in broken-downly apartment, an old underclothing broke to also want a man who turn over the face, incredibly ……she put out strength to grasp old Liao ground to flutter:"Feed, you is be not do what bad matter?Does the illegal drug selling still keep selling ammunition?Impossibly, I don't believe ……"temporarily and unexpectedly have a conversation in the language idea of "two young ladies"s.
"Ice rain believes that your boyfriend still keeps believing the idea of prevailing practice?A person's a day inside rule worlds all probably."

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