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27.10.2021 08:32
facial expression distort Antworten

If isn't that that person is too anxious, the Mu permits the chest of ices rain almost and then is clapped, explained this is a doesn't understand to seize the opportunity and still disturbs to peep object of stealing and clapping novice, probably connect last time at inside, only had two experience, the scope could shrink very smallly.Canning direct public security to go away ground isn't and outside total to direct, pair director, producer, dramatize, light teacher, shape teacher etc..
The others are all very far taking the spot research film, the short in a short time isn't likely to run so far, only produce Ju to always win to fly a chitchat in the neighborhood with bear.The bear flies this person's temper fierce, keep to keep into, hide not to live worry, see now his air Tan concuss, carefree cachinnation, should be.
Expeling the method already completely appointed target, that is produce Ju to always win.
Old Liao kneaded to knead a fist and walked over to say with smile:"The producer of the Ju, at here natural and unrestrained get very which., Black bear, the director seeks the end alignment that you discuss manuscript, are you still not at once past?"
"Have not been already stopped work for the day?"The bear flies the head of Nao Nao to go away.
The Ju always wins to have a guilty conscience and fell back an one step:"Cousin, do you want to do what?"
This is clear is confess unwittingly.Treat and saw him peep out a hanging of digital camera rope in pants pocket, Liao learned a soldier already 100 cent affirmation is this guy beyond doubt, sneer way:"That do you say what I want to do?"
"Such as, if nothing important matter, I also discussed manuscript in the past."The Ju always wins to turn round and walk.
The old Liao"enthusiasm" ground of Lan lives his shoulders and says with smile:"Is bright today, the sun is bright and beautiful, ten thousand insides have no cloud, we seek how is the price of energy that a place discusses this year?"Have not changed a ground of wet clothes to stick on him, the Ju always wins very uneasiness, " my car comparison oil in the province, temporarily take no account of this problem."
Old Liao part the arm secretly make an effort to trail him to go forward, simultaneously say:"So talk a nuclear weapon machine, I think that you must be very interested in."
Arrive at behind in the locker room, the garbage can contains the trace to once move and have already moved to exhaust a window underneath, there is very shallow footprint on the cover.
"Take off shoe, my dear Ju producer."
The Ju always wins facial expression to greatly change and turns round to want to run, old Liao's a signal pulls down he, once the foot kick a to hang up, the shoes takes off his feet, accurate without any error fly to in the garbage can, shoe sole upward, the shape is fitting together with that footprint.
Old Liao's fury heavy Chi, start to pull him to take out the camera in the Dou, open a to see, a photograph recently is changing dress the indoor, old Liao's hand puts in the Mu to permit the chest of ice rain on, the Mu permits ice rain back to the lens and peeps out pure white back.Turning over again to open a front is all him cousin 2 people's intimate situation.
"The old boy said, for this matter what viewpoint do you have?"Old Liao says with smile:"In fact, I am allthe person of underworld, grasp to peep to usuy all want to dig eyes."
"H'm?"Ju's always winning obviously doesn't believe, don't you get Lao for the battle always to talk for you?This has what fantastic of, I am his dint stem will, he also for the sake of you but give me up not become?Hence the Geng wears a neck way:"Is what I clap, that how again?"
Liao's learning soldier's in the mind is full of a tender feelings honey idea, is to the utmost a Mu to permit ice rain that gentle smiling face in the brain, temporarily and unexpectedly next not poison hand, dark sigh love to let everybody madness, toss camera on the ground, connect step several feet, immediately become a heap of to discard a residue.
The Ju always wins oh a , immediately start to embrace arm sneer way:"Cousin, I this is world's most advanced camera, be worth of ten several ten thousand, do you say how to compensate a method?"
The person is kind drive deceit, Ma Shan is ridden.Old Liao just thinking temporarily pass him and wait hereafter slowly compute, have never thought him to pour face of Deng nose, is directly a feet in the past, the Liao always won in the Ju of under Yin place.
"Be compensate so."
The Ju always wins eyes Zheng as if must copper bell, facial expression distort, rise purple, the blue vein of neck starts to explode, Wu wear the private parts kneel on the ground, a words also can not say it and spew out together again a white Mo.
After kneading him neck once use a strength, the whole individual lifts and throws into garbage can, "had better don't appear hereafter, otherwise saw you beat you at a time once."

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