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21.10.2021 09:01
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the Mu permits blue fall the ring of kneading the neck, heart way:"Good you new Sao goods, dare at my teacher Jia's in front show off ……"
Be used as age far great lead their form masters, don't know the girls naturally of it the undercurrent flows out a surging and directly rush after the class to stop carport, rushing through into the film studio is BE necessity.
Male star haven't owned popular reputation, but already have popular bad habit, this is to always direct Sun Bo abnormality an angry problem, Liao learns a soldier Kuang work, lateness, leave early have already become simple meal, if not is clap still on the whole can, plus old total Lao Lang of company the Lang once had the words of reiteration as well, Sun Bo just bitterness bitterness endurance, otherwise early revolt but rise.
Always direct a big degree, not the representative produces to tolerate, when each person start work punctually, while pressing the teacher completion of work according to the quality Ju always win is just thinking, Liao learns a soldier what battle wear the cousin's head sees a play set discipline such as have no thing?
Old Liao's big sweat run come in, continue to say reason star China faring off the mark apologizes to everyone, "ha ha yesterday tight Qiao goods we the north city area the sky appeared UFO, the neighbors made the Fei Fei was satisfied, I greater half night just asleep, so come last night, ashamed, ashamed."
The Ju always wins the impulse of canning not restrain the heart justice emissary, cold way of Ji Feng:"Did the Martian grasp you to walk to dissect an experiment?"
"Ha ha, they deeply have a research to the mankind and have no call to catch a person to dissect so old soil, it is said that that the Martian sent a spy to sneak in mankind inner part, producer what shoot a movie of work!"
"You ……"
"You what you?Hereafter don't with my eccentric of, not just put to explode your ass with the reinforcing bar."
"You ……" Ju door's winning ten thousand has never expected Liao to learn a soldier to talk thus vulgar, temporarily and unexpectedly can not figure out what language should answer.
Sun Bo and Wu Yangs see 2 people conflict, the favour hurtles up to partition them and advises a way:"The producer of the Ju, the cousin indeed occupies, that is to have no way, you don't the fire sprinkled oil."Soft-voiced way:"Lao always once gives an account, must not give offense to a cousin."
The Ju always wins to have to swallow spirit in mind, dark Cun:"Good you the cousin incredibly don't do me the honor.Waited Lao Tze's cannon system's a little negative news Tong to the news agency, let you suffer thousand men point, Hey Hey, knew to brush?"
Sun Bo rushes through progress important, don't in time see producer's facial expression, wait cousin to change good clothes to make up, order each section to take seat right away, today was one act two leading roles reencounter in the maple bridge of lens, they must say a lot of words, but what didn't say, opposite stare at, under the maple bridge river water Hua Hua flows through, a don't return.This is one act drama that tests acting skill very much, have to express breathed feelings in the limited lens, the vision hands over to remit of then want to wipe a spark of innumerable words for an instant, if isn't a real lovers, not a real acting skill parties superior, how can make this one step?
Liao learns a soldier then strong Yi, but he is the guy that a pays attention to a mood very much, time hit upon a sudden idea, the God escapes for a ground of time of mood of being omnipotent, having no connect the sexy pants that the Mu permits ice rain to put can't show interest in the in fronts.2 people slowly didn't get into status, the NG voice shouted ten several 20 times of, the staff member's nerve stretches tight to tightly relax again and make the Ju always win to all have some to become angry.
Sun Bo is finally a bit helpless, let 2 people temporary take a rest, hatch emotion first, "everyone Xie Xie, E, cousin, you don't want to run about aimlessly, always and ice Ms. Yu full of silently conveyed tendernessly is all right to see, see more more think, think that the other party is how excellent it's how perfect, is your passion during a lifetime, lacked her, your life would not integrity, you become a defective man."
See 2 people's attitude still a bit not smooth, Sun Bo says again:"Oh, you don't want the one more pair vision that sees corpse!Had better wave hand, embrace each other, make use of body contact in with more easily get that felling, anyway you are cousins, afraid of, again the nobody says gossip."
2 people are helpless, respectively stretch out to embrace the other party, the eyes of the masses are fixed on under the thus disgusting behavior, really let public falsely, besides aren't 2 people true cousins.

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